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Kubasaki High School Alumni Association - Camp Kubasaki Campus
Camp Kubasaki Campus      
The school located at this facility was known as one of two names between 1952 and 1957      
Okinawa American Dependents High School and Kubasaki American High School      
Photos and Information on the Camp Kubasaki Campus

Fall 1952 to Spring 1957 At Some point while the campus was located here the school name was changed to Kubasaki-American High School.

This facility was in use by DODDS from 1952 to 1957 and from 1964 to 1982. The break from 1957 to 1964 was while it was used by the 173rd Airborne Brigade.

The names of all of the DODDS campuses that were at this location were:

(This Historical Document only pertains to the first 4 names)

Okinawa-American High School 1952 to 1955 Grades 9 to 12
Okinawa-American Junior High School 1952 to 1955 Grades 6 to 8 in 1952-53 7 to 8 in 1953-55
Kubasaki-American High School 1955 to 1957 Grades 9 to 12
Kubasaki-American Junior High School 1955 to 1957 Grades 7 to 8

(Other Names DODDS called this facility - this document does not cover any of these schools, but, so many people remember attending this campus, for the sake of clarity, the names are included, here.)

Kubasaki Junior High School 1964 to 1966 Grades 7 to 8
Kubasaki 9th Grade Center 1967 to 1974
Pacific Middle School 1967 to 1981 Grades 6 to 8

*Dates and grades served are as accurate as possible given information we have to date - this information will be updated as new information is found*

Kubasaki High School Alumni Association

Location of the Camp Kubasaki Campus

Campus was Located at Camp Kubasaki also Known as Kuba-Saki near the town of Kuba, Okinawa

Other Schools that used this facility were Kubasaki 9th grade also known as K-9 as well as Pacific Middle School. Exact years these schools used this facility are unknown.

Coordinates to the original Entry Gate to the camp: 26°17'7.41"N 127°48'55.41"E

Kubasaki High School Alumni Association - Camp Kubasaki Campus
Kubasaki High School Alumni Association

School Years

Kubasaki High School Alumni Association

Staff, Students and Facilities

Currently the old ball field and a newer building constructed near it are used as a community center for the village of Kuba. A monument to past usage is constructed in the easternmost area of the field. Below is a photo of the monument provided by Mark Payne.

From Timothy Langley:

(roughly "Wagaku Ku Memorial Field")

At this site before The War, a peaceful village known as Kuba existed. Only a simple community, it was reduced to ashes as a result of The War. Finally on March 31, 1983 as a consequence of Reversion, the 36 year period of exclusive use by American military forces came to an end. Commonly called Kubasaki, a school known as "Kubasaki High School" once existed here.

This was the first property to be treated under Reversion and as a result, the legal complexities faced here were significant. It was only by the incredible efforts of former land-owners and investigators that this area finally could receive a formal legal designation as land included within the administrative bounds of the city. This was not without challenge, including treatment of various conditions taking into account issues of the bereaved. It was the longing of the former villagers to return to a sense of community as it once existed, and their indomonable spirit, that overcame these obstacles.

It is with profound appreciation to those in the present and those in the past who contributed to this effort that we dedicate this monument. There shall be no other place like Kuba.

Dedicated auspiciously January, 2010 The Village of Nakagusuku, Kuba Regional Resettlement Union

Anyone that has any additional information about this site, the school, the people, the circumstances, memories, written or photographic, please contact us!!

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Kubasaki High School Alumni Association - Camp Kubasaki Campus Monument

Kubasaki High School Alumni Association
Kubasaki High School Alumni Association
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