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Kubasaki High School Alumni Association Newsletter   Hedo Misaki, Okinawa (Hedo Point)                                                        Volume 4 - March 2014
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Never go to your high school reunion pregnant or they will think that is all you have done since you graduated.

Erma Bombeck
From the Editor's Desk:

Reunions are a time to remember. Friends, family, people from the distant past. Enjoy them while there is still time to enjoy.

Jon Yim ('76)


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Kubasaki High School All-Class Reunion In Branson, Mo.

Sunny Taylor Schwentner


Kubasaki Reunion in Branson, MO August 6 (Wednesday) to August 10 (Sunday) 2014. Wednesday night is the warm up with a Dutch Treat Dinner and Sunday of course is your check out date. Last event is Saturday night – our Dinner/Dance/Awards night. So tell everyone you know who attended Kubasaki, or were teachers, principals, or just friends and/or parents. Everyone is invited to come enjoy some special Dragon Love and Camaraderie that you cannot find anywhere else on earth except were Dragons gather! To attend one of our reunions is to be magically transported back to a simpler time in all our lives. The love and fun overflows and all the years disappear and the best part is while we go back in time, all the things that bothered us back then, have also disappeared and all we seem to remember is all the fun, and love and comical memories from our time on Okinawa. People you didn’t even know on Okinawa and perhaps were there at a much different time than you were there, suddenly become your new best friends. You will all be making new memories together to enjoy to the end of time. So, throw down everything that is in the way and pick up the phone or turn on your computer and send an E-mail to Sunny to request the Registration Packet and Sign-Up Form. Sunny will send you an E-mail within 24 hours and all you have to do is fill it out; write a check; follow the directions on the form for registering with Sunny; call the hotel and make your room reservation; and, book your transportation . You will then be on your way to the best 5 days of your life this year! We promise that you will come away from this reunion questioning why you waited so long and convincing yourself you will never miss another reunion. If you don’t have E-mail – you can call Sunny at 703-910-7134, but preferably E-mail Sunny at Sunny.Schwentner@ofplaw.com. Once you hit that send button, you are guaranteed a response within 24 hours and a fantastic 5-day interlude of happiness and love in six months (August if you follow through and sign up for the reunion). On behalf of all the attendees, we hope to see each and every one of you Dragons reading this notice, in Branson in August. If you can’t make it, send Sunny an E-mail with your information and we will make sure that you get on the E-mails going out for other reunions in the future.

Sayonara until August


Registration Packet in PDF Format

Registration Packet in DOC Format

Dragon Lore: A Moment in History

Awase Campus circa 1948 Courtesy Dorothy Powell

Awase Campus

Dragon Legend: Reunion!

Upcoming Reunions:
Return To Okinawa
October 2015 a Reunion to return to Okinawa is being planned. Masami Jenkins is the contact person.

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