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Kubasaki High School Alumni Association Newsletter   Mount Yonaha, Okinawa                                                        Volume 1 - July 2011 
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- Charles Dickens

Well, it certainly has been a pretty exciting last few months or so since our last edition of the DNJ. We've got photos to share of a few mini-reunions around the country and an upcoming spotlight on our First Dragon, Marilyn Sanders ('48).

As always, fellow Dragons, this is YOUR newsletter. We need your contributions to keep the DNJ moving-along. If you've got pictures of recent meetings with your classmates, send them along with a short description as a Facebook message to me, or email them to EDITOR. We'll get 'em mo' skoshi...

Looking forward to reports from the upcoming Orlando reunion and other gatherings around this big world of ours.


Jon Yim ('76)


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By Cheryl Cronin (Decker,'77)

Imagine an American high school on a tiny Pacific island. Now imagine "military brats" from all the services, officer and enlisted. Then add in many different ethnic backgrounds, religions, and cultures. We didn't just learn about them, we embraced them.

Mix all of this up and divide them by four into the Eagles, Knights, Falcons, and Warriors. Four football teams, four basketball teams, four pep and cheerleading squads, and four of anything related to sports. You think your pep rallies were cool, ours were mind blowing, and the games were epic. And when we came together for the All-Star games, we were the DRAGONS! Did I mention our volleyball team, gymnasts and martial artists? Outstanding!

Now to make it more fun, throw in the talents of the singers, dancers, artists, journalists, musicians, and photographers that filled the halls, the auditorium and the stadiums. Many of them have gone on to become very successful in these careers.

Add in the clubs, the usual and the unusual! Cultural clubs such as the African-American, Chinese, and Japanese. Akita Art, RATO Friendship, Student Council, Electronic, Thespians, Scubasaki Dive and the Rock Club, and so many more!

Don't forget to include the bomb threats, the bus strikes, the typhoons, stubborn staff, very young GIs who liked high school girls, the politics of the 70s, interesting and often true rumors, and other random acts of insanity!

We didn't have the internet, cell phones, mp3/iPods, cable, or VCR/DVD players. We saw movies about six months after everyone else did, and Pong was a big deal. But we did have some of the best music ever!!! And those songs can take me back so fast, it's like a time machine. Some of the best concerts I've been to were the USO shows at the bases. The island was our playground. Lots of places to explore like the sea wall, ancient tombs and castles, jungles, and the local markets and restaurants.

Put everything together and you get a once-in-a-lifetime experience and friendships that continue to this day despite time and distance.

Say it loud, say it proud...KUBASAKI HIGH SCHOOL, CLASS OF 77, HOME OF THE DRAGONS!!

Dragon Lore: A Moment in History

Okinawa University School
Camp Hayward, Okinawa 1946-1947
Any additional information would be welcomed!!

If you have photos, images, artifacts, class photos, or just have a little information about people, places, happenings of this or any other period of history .... please contact us!! We would love to see it!! admin@kubasaki-bbs.com

Dragon Legend: Reunion!

Upcoming Reunions:
Las Vegas Bash July 2011
Orlando October 2011WEBSITE

If you've never been ... you have no idea what you are missing ... plan or attend one, soon!!

Some Recent Photos of gatherings:

Sacramento Mini Kubasaki Reunion
Mini Reunion Sacremento

FROM LEFT: Richard Lee, Al Trivett, Rhonda Martinez, Jonathan Boone, Chrystie Davis, Kathy Yamada, Sam Yamada

Photo courtesy of Jonathan Boone

San Diego Mini Kubasaki Reunion

San Diego Mini Kubasaki Reunion

San Diego Mini Kubasaki Reunion

Mini Reunion San Diego

Dallas Mini Kubasaki Reunion

Mini Reunion Dallas

From Left to Right (Sort of): Debbie Murray, Cleveland Johnson, John Scruggs, Lora Barrett, Lauralee McNamara Williams, Bettina Crerar-Bossard, Louie Haveman

Photo Courtesy of Cleveland Johnson

WE'RE (almost) EVERYWHERE: Dragon Thespians invade NYC!

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